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Sweet Spot Labs

Sweet Spot Labs
pH Balanced Feminine Hygiene Products

Unlike most soaps, shampoos or body washes, SweetSpot Labs® products are pH balanced specifically for optimum sweet spot health.
They contain mild ingredients specially chosen to blend with soothing botanicals, and is absent of alcohol.
Those products with aroma contain pure essential oils that were deliberately selected for scents that enhance and complement a woman, while contributing a cleansing, calming and refreshing function.
The line also includes "No. 00" products that contain no aroma or color for women who prefer aroma-free products or have extra sensitivities.

SweetSpot Labs® Intimate Grooming Product Line:

Gentle wash, Spot Fresh!
A tender loving wash for daily cleansing and conditioning.
Start your day the SweetSpot way!




Balancing mist, Spot Right!®
A collection of luxurious gentle mists to add to your Intimate Grooming™ ritual.
Voila-your sweet spot is sure to find its center.



n-the-go wipettes, Spot Refresh!
Convenient deluxe-sized, gentle, disposable cloths offering a luxurious, sophisticated clean. Fits in your purse, your powder room and boudoir. A gentle wipette to keep yoursweet spot set.

*Also available in travel size packettes

Hormone Harmony Kit®
For pH balanced TLC using especially blended, mild cleansers, soothing botanicals with essential oils all formulated for sweet spot use.  A self-loving ritual that does more than help you redefine the feeling of clean. Formulated with a blend of grapefruit and basil essential oils that contain inborn properties to power through your period and help combat that PMS feeling too.


Bidet in a Bottle® - Intimate waters, Spot Clean!
A concentrated formula that redefines refreshed.
This pH balanced, soothing liquid luxury gently cleanses to calm and collect your sweetness.
Boxed with 7 packettes

iquid Assets
® Luxury Water Based Lubricant
Unscented. Clean. Water-based. Complementary pH.
What nature intended but feels even better.
Never sticky. Plant-based, food-grade ingredients.
Women and dermatologist tested.


About Sweet Spot Products
All our skin and bath care products are made up of two parts: there is a base which delivers the functional ingredients (a base is composed of elements that emulsify, thicken, add opacity, etc); and there are the active ingredients that do the work-like lathering agents that clean, soften, provide nourishment, etc. We pay equal attention to both parts, due to the sensitive nature of our business. 95% of the functional and active ingredients SweetSpot Labs® has chosen derive from plant and mineral origins, and are of premium-quality. We use purified water, and our natural preservatives are backed up with minimal amounts of synthetic preservatives, to ensure your comfort and safety-our foremost concern.

Right Blend for Purpose - Essential Oils
SweetSpot Labs® aromas make the scent of a woman even better by enhancing with complementary essences that actually do something besides smell good. We chose pink grapefruit and tangerine for their well-known anti-bacterial properties. Geranium, lavender and botanicals like aloe vera for their in-born calming and soothing mojo. And we rediscovered galbanum, which has been around forever and ever (and ever) and is a reputed aphrodisiac (thank us later). We left out drying alcohol and created water-soluble formulas to treat you sweet. Each aroma has been numbered as well as named…Why? To make it easy for you. They are also significant numbers in the lives of women who influence SweetSpot Labs'® world. And, of course, there’s NO. 00, unscented for those who want the luxury without the perfumerie.

NO. 11 citrus galbanum
NO. 14 geranium lavender
NO. 24 basil grapefruit
NO. 00 unscented


Testing Policy
Our products have been certified non-irritating, allergy-tested, clinically tested and have been doctor-tested and dermatologist reviewed by an independent laboratory. And we did our own personal research, giving products to many women who want to, and can just enjoy the sheer luxury of SweetSpot Labs® products in their daily rituals (and some to women who suffer from sensitivity and dryness). Our research paid off-the only reaction to SweetSpot Labs® products is pure joy and delight!

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